Is aluminum alloy door suitable for indoor doors? How do you choose?

Is aluminum alloy door suitable for indoor doors? How do you choose?

Aluminum alloy door is a door made of aluminum alloy as the main profile, it is suitable for home, and its performance is good, durable and durable.

First, the indoor door and home style should be consistent

1, at present, the actual functions of the door can be broadly divided into: main gate, bedroom door, study room door, living room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, balcony door, etc. The entrance door is the door. From a beautiful and practical point of view, most people will choose a strong and heavy indoor door with decorative effect. The warm and thick indoor door can also bring the feeling of quiet and safety to the master. The bathroom door can use glass door, if the area is allowed, it can also be used in the room. An inner door or an indoor door with a glass lattice.

2, for example, a set of works, designers choose the indoor door for toilet, suddenly you will think the bathroom is a private space. Because indoor and decoration styles are closely related, it is suggested that owners should have a clear plan before deciding which rooms to use before decorating. The interior door model should be in accordance with the decoration style of the bedroom. The home decoration style is mainly divided into Chinese, European, simple, mixed, classical and so on. If the room is decorated in European style, the interior door also chooses European style, for example, the carved interior door and the European mirror face each other.

Two. The interior door color and the furniture color contrast

1, color matching is the key to the house decoration, so after we have determined the style, we should consider whether the color of the indoor door is matched with the style of the bedroom. According to the advice of professional designers, when the main hue of the house is light color, we should select the indoor doors of cold color, such as white oak, carbon ash and so on. When the main hue of the interior is dark, the indoor doors of the warm color system such as teak, Hainan yellow pear and cherry wood should be selected.

2, the color of the inner door is closely related to the color of the wall, floor and furniture. The designer suggests that if you are not too sure, you can just close the color of the door to a "big environment", or the ground or furniture or decoration, and then make a difference in the details, so that it will not make a mistake. The other point is to keep the same color system in the door, the wall and the ground, but the color is not completely different. In the same direction, there is some discrepancy between the general direction and the details, which prevents confusion between the ground and the wall and reduces the sense of room space.

3, many families like to decorate the living room with a whole red brick wall. If you install an indoor door, choose a dark, reddish interior door.

Three. The contrast between the color of the door and the color of the wall

1, in the indoor door and wall, the surface of the "color relationship", the indoor door with the color of furniture is close, with the wall color need to have some correspondence contrast. For example, the room chose a white indoor door, so that the wall with color, so that the room will have a sense of hierarchy, not "flat".

2, many owners are more conservative in decorating. After choosing a white interior door, they are still white walls, leaving the room with no sense of vitality. Many families like the simple feeling of the white indoor door, try to paint the wall into light yellow, light blue, will make you have a new space.

Interior decoration door color with attention:

1, red will stimulate the nervous system, make people anxiety, so insomnia, neurasthenia and cardiovascular disease patients should not use red decoration home.

2, orange can induce appetite. When a child has no appetite or needs calcium, he can try to install a room with orange color.

3, yellow can be active thinking, but golden decoration is likely to cause emotional instability, depression and manic patients are not suitable for golden yellow decoration home.

4, green helps digestion and plays a sedative role, so it has a certain therapeutic effect on people who are prone to fatigue and those with negative emotions.

5, blue can reduce the pulse frequency, the use of blue can eliminate tension, help to relieve headache, fever, insomnia symptoms, the elderly and heart and cerebrovascular patients a good choice.

6, purple has a sedative effect, but because of its inhibition of motor nerve and heart system, heart disease patients should be careful with purple.

7, indigo can affect the vision, hearing and smell, to some extent, can reduce the sensitivity of the body to pain, and the patients who are recovering after the operation can be selected.

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