How to deal with the gap between aluminum alloy doors and windows?

Doors and windows are customized products, because the wall can not be a little error, this will make the measurement of doors and windows slightly smaller than the window hole, a certain size of doors and windows can better make doors and windows installed, and ensure the level of doors and windows, in the installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows, there will be gaps with the wall. What should we do with the gap between the windows and the walls?

The aluminum alloy doors and windows were filled with polyurethane foam glue and sealed with silicone. This method is more appropriate. It solves the problem of crack. However, the surface of silicone can not be painted on the surface. If the collocation of walls and doors and windows and sealants is not good, it will affect the overall appearance. Therefore, we should pay attention to color matching when using silicone glue. Generally, the white aluminum alloy doors and windows should be used in white aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the champagne and other colors of aluminum alloy doors and windows will be collocated with black silicone rubber. This ensures the overall aesthetic effect of the aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows

There are many kinds of sealants in the market, and different sealants should be used in different seams. For some safety parts such as glass curtain wall, adhesive experiments and compatibility tests should be done. Silicone sealant should be used for aluminum alloy doors and windows and glass curtain walls. Polyurethane sealant can be used for aluminum curtain walls and silicone sealants. Polyurethane Foam Sealants should be used for doors and windows, and polyurethane seals or acrylic sealants or silicone sealants shall be used on the outside. Hollow glass should be made of polysulfide sealant and butyl sealant or silicone sealant for two seals.

In view of the different doors and windows products and glass properties, sealants are different. In a word, the gap between the aluminum alloy doors and windows and the wall is treated like this. The sealant is used to fill and expand first, and sealant or silicone glass glue is used to seal it. The effect of the waterproof and wind proof of the aluminum alloy doors and windows is absolutely guaranteed.

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