How to improve the sound insulation effect of aluminum alloy doors and windows?

With the continuous progress of the times, there are more and more places for entertainment. There are countless places like KTV. With regard to consumers living on the roadside, noise has now seriously affected everyone's normal days, and noise has seriously disturbed the daily lives of households. Then what kind of method can be used to soundproof the aluminum alloy doors and windows?

Open and open doors and windows of the Pearl - aluminum alloy doors and windows

In order to solve the problem of sound insulation in the home, one is to add insulation board in the decorated time balcony, and it can also play the role of sound insulation, and the most important thing is the window sound insulation question. It is an important way of noise pollution into the home.

Why do many doors and windows do not sound insulation in the city now? First, most family doors and windows are used to push and pull windows, maybe single glass windows, and how can such windows be excellent sound insulation? So to be homesick the sound insulation of doors and windows is good, it is like learning in the western countries, choosing open doors and windows, such as the flat open bridge aluminum. Windows can play the role of sound insulation, so what is the noise of doors and windows?

1. Profile. There are general aluminum alloy doors and windows, frameless balcony windows, suitable materials for making sound insulation doors and windows, and aluminum alloy doors and windows of broken bridges. In the meantime, aluminum alloy doors and windows of broken bridges are the best materials, and the best effect is, but the price is the most expensive.

2. Glass. Doors and windows sound insulation is also related to this glass, the current sound insulation windows and doors and windows are selected hollow glass, but also a few vacuum glass, but very few very little, hollow glass is the most, in the meantime, hollow glass is not the same, 6A, 9A, 12A, 15A, 22A and other different hollow glass, this is selected with consumers The type of door and window is connected. The best distance is the hollow glass of 22A and the largest distance of the hollow glass. This kind of hollow glass is mainly used in the 70 series of aluminum alloy doors and windows of the broken bridge. In addition, the broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are actually the evolution of aluminum alloy doors and windows, which is to add a partition at the bottom of the door and window, which can effectively reduce the noise and achieve the effect of sound insulation.BARON

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