Under the impact of the Internet, how can aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises operate steadily?

1. stores sell not only goods, but also services and feelings.

The store has the advantage of its own store. We can see products, touch products and feel the quality of products. Clothing products can be tried on and look at the effect of upper body, which is not available at present. In the store, there are waiters serving us. The waiter can find the style for you and introduce you to the products. Do not like the attendants to follow you, now many stores do self-service shopping, so that your shopping is particularly relaxed and unconstrained.

Other stores are theme shops, cartoons, nostalgia and other themes, so that different lovers can find their home. IKEA is known for its global experience in selling experiential services of "life philosophy". It creates the feeling of home with creativity and design, and enables consumers to be moved again and again in the artistic atmosphere. In such a beautiful shop, everyone enjoys an impulse to buy. These are all the Internet can't do.

2. electricity providers, shops integration, online and offline borderless

Some enterprises at the forefront have begun to go far online and online. The doors and windows of aluminum doors and windows can not be complacent, and can not conflict with the Internet. It is better to make good use of the Internet to carry out their own business. But we must know that stores the way not "Internet plus" but "store +". That is to say, the Internet is just a publicity platform, not a trading platform. The real "store" and "Internet" are the former leading the latter, not the latter leading the former.

Obviously, "store + Internet" brings new growth space for IKEA's development. "Store +" emphasizes the integration of Internet elements to help store development on the basis of store operation, rather than to meet the needs of the outside world to transform blindly.

The core of the 3. space experience lies in "touching the user"

As we all know, online products are cheaper than stores, and choose more, do not need our hard work to visit the long street, express delivery is simply a variety of convenience, but at the same time, more and more people are more inclined to "experience consumption" and "enjoy consumption". This also brings more room for the operation of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Speaking of "experiential consumption", IKEA did a great job. His business philosophy and business model give people more sense of "home" and "happiness", making consumption into art and making consumption a habit.

The sense of space experience is an important point in the transformation of aluminum alloy doors and windows. In the homogeneity of the serious "thousand shop side", to let consumers remember you, you must have a unique sense of experience. At present, more and more aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises adopt multi format operation, and advocate emotional experience, with a view to bring consumers a good sense of experience.

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